& context

For GGVIE’s 2023 New Year’s Eve Greeting Ceremony at Paris La Défense Arena, Magic Garden came up with the concept “All active players”. 

A unifying and engaging concept on the theme of cinema, with references familiar to everyone.
It was an opportunity to deliver strategic messages and launch the new year in a festive and creative way.
An enriching line-up arranged over a full day, with a plenary session, an awards ceremony, a surprising cocktail lunch and many fun-filled activities, such as the superhero demonstrations, the ball pool etc.... Plus, helpful sessions, such as coaching workshops by experts on body language and techniques when speaking. 

Product life cycle & waste management
The majority of products were rented or picked up by service providers, while customised elements were picked up by the caring society Muto. Purchased products were collected by GGVie or Magic Garden. The event adopted a zero plastic policy, banning plastic bottles and encouraging the use of personal water bottles. Water fountains and sorting garbage cans were installed in the catering area.

Food waste recovery
We've called on Food Comedy, an ecofriendly caterer who fights against food waste by signing the National Pact. Cardboard doggy bags are available for participants from 4pm. Leftover food is offered to caterers and the event's dismantling team.

Carbon footprint
For the food, we proposed less meat, and paid close attention to the production method and seasonality of products. The cocktail menu was designed with GGVie to offer a variety of beef-free dishes, with vegetarian or vegan alternatives.

& KPIs

  • 5
    one-month preparation
  • +120
    persons in set-up and operations
  • 1 800