GOOGLE @Vivatech 2022

& context

The aim of this stand is to show that Google is the most committed technological ally in the digital transformation of territories and the development of the French ecosystem. All the while contributing to a more sustainable future and ensuring the online security of businesses and citizens. The agency designed a 350m2 stand embodying an interconnected French city. Visitors were able to discover and test 13 concrete innovations.


Redistribution of food products
Distribution to associations by the caterer Bonnes Femmes, distribution to teams and service providers of "La Fourche" products exhibited on the Open Food Fact corner.

ISO 20121 service providers
Collaboration with service providers, the majority of whom are ISO 20121 certified or in the process of certification, or have a label (Imprim'vert, presta DD, etc.): technical, catering, printers, etc.

Stand production by an ISO 20121-certified decorator

Recycling and reuse
Recycling and reuse of most materials, reuse of accessories, etc.

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